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To celebrate its 25th anniversary, The Pattern Shop Studio presents Pattern Makers, an exhibition featuring artwork by five Denver artists with a strong pattern esthetic: Susan Blake, Marty Jaquis, Jerry Johnson, Jonathan Kaplan, and Annalee Schorr. The show will open with a reception on Friday, September 2nd, 2016, from 6 to 9pm. Additional receptions will take place on Friday, October 7th and Friday, October 21st from 6-9pm. Salons with the artists will be held on Saturday, September 10th from 4pm to 6pm and October 8th, from 4-6 pm. As usual, the gallery will be open to groups and individuals any time by appointment.

The Pattern Shop Studio is so named because for 80 years the building served as an industrial pattern shop where skilled woodworkers fashioned templates for iron machine parts. The man in charge of the building and its workers was called the Pattern Maker. The artists in this exhibit are pattern makers of a different kind. They see beauty and interest in geometric and organic patterns and often in the mathematics behind the configurations themselves. Pattern art has a long history in ornamental design but its resurgence in 20th century modernist painting has influenced artists right up to the present day.